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The Collective

Originally formed from On The Move‘s incredibly diverse studio roster, The Collective is one of the most versatile bands in the industry! Powerful front-line vocals led by female bandleader, MJ, The Collective brings an unrivaled energy to any celebration. Performing most often as a 10 piece band with a killer horn section, The Collective is scalable from 8 pieces all the way up to 24! If you’re looking for a band that can bring the funk and rip songs right off today’s charts, then go no further than The Collective.

BAND LEADER: MJ Songstress has been performing private events since her teenage years. Growing up in a Mexican and Greek household imbedded music in the foundation of MJ’s life. Her father is a renowned bandleader in New York City and gave MJ her early start. Her natural born stage presence and vocal range has been honed since a young age and has molded her into the rockstar that she is today. Preparing for and performing on The Voice and La Voce Mexico has also increased MJ’s performance ability, confidence and international style. Since joining On The Move, MJ has produced several original albums and is ever present on the New York City music scene. Bringing personality, raw talent, and profound musical direction to every event large or small, MJ and The Collective create the most memorable musical experience.
Type of PerformanceLive Band
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